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Recently Google extended their refund trial period from 15 minutes to two hours giving those who like to purchase apps and games more freedom to try the game first before deciding whether to commit the money they spent on the game, or get a refund before any cash actually leaves the bank. It seems that though many welcomed the added hour and fourty five minutes, Google just isn’t satisfied and are reportedly working on an ‘app trial programme’ that’ll offer bite-sized trials to apps and games meaning you can download them quicker, use them, and decide whether it’s worth £0.69.

To put it simply, it’s a demo. Google are working on a programme for developers to bring more demos to the app store.

The news comes courtesy of The Information who’s heard from a source that Google is working on this project. It seems all though the refund window has been extended people are still reluctant to splash out on premium titles, even ones that cost as little as £0.69. This new trial programme will allow you to download just a small portion of the app or game, just enough to give you a taste, in the hopes that you might love it enough to purchase the full app.

Despite my naivety this new feature may be a little more complex than just a limited demo as there’s word that Google are even working on a way for you to choose what parts of the app to trial. Right now details are, of course, unclear as Google haven’t actually announced anything just yet, but it doesn’t seem impossible as Google have figured out a way for you to download just the updated files whenever an app needs to update making it a much quicker process than downloading the full app once more.

We’re keeping our ears close to the ground for more information, so stay tuned.

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