GTA Online Celebrates San Andreas’ 10th Anniversary

After the rumours surrounding a potential 360 release for San Andreas, players no doubt wait with baited breath around whether this dream may become a reality. Rockstar pushed some news earlier about San Andreas – but sadly, it wasn’t confirming (or denying) the rumour. Instead, they revealed that this weekend Grand Theft Auto Online players will be able to take part in the 10 year anniversary celebrations surrounding the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas back in 2004. How old do you feel right now? I’m not even that old but geeze, I feel old.

Look out for a whole bunch of bonuses in game for this weekend only, October 24th-26th, and make the most of earning double RP and a double cash bonus for playing any mode in the San Andreas Throwback Playlist regardless of whether you win or lose the game.

As well as double the fun in earnings, there are 4 exclusive shirts that will be available via Crate Drops in Freemode. The shirts feature retro style radio station logos including; Bounce FM, K-DST, K-JAH and K-Rose.

Expect some big in game discounts as well on some specific items to add to the San Andreas theme. There’s a 50% discount on green items of clothing (reppin’ the GSF colours), BMX bikes, bandanas and other accessories. There will also be a 25% discount on lowered suspension modifications for your cars for a perfect cruising experience.

No good celebration comes without photos, which is why we’re getting a Snapmatic competition this weekend much like for the Independence Day celebrations. Whip out your phones, get creative with your crew and remember to #GTASANANDREAS in Social Club in order to enter. Winners will get the chance to win a retro style prize pack from Rockstar Games. There are five packs, each containing a San Andreas themed Basketball, Bandana, special 10th Anniversary tshirts, Playing Cards & Poker Chips, the Kubrick Box Set, and stickers.

There will also be a San Andreas Throwback Playlist livestream tomorrow, October 24th, showing off the game matches created by Social Club members and others on Rockstar’s Twitch channel, starting at 4PM EDT (9PM UK time).

GTA Online Celebrates San Andreas’ 10th Anniversary - n3rdabl3

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