Warning! Spoilers in this article. Read with caution!

We’ve known since July that the mantle of Thor was going to be passed onto another and it thrilled (and maybe confused some) fans that Mjolnir is being picked up by a woman, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery. The issue released October 1st and is written by Jason Aaron and stunning artwork provided by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson.

To anyone who knows their comics, it’s no surprise that Thor’s a woman. Again. Yes, again! There’ve been a number of women who have picked up the hammer and assumed the mantle including but not limited to kickass women such as Storm, Jane Foster, Black Widow and even Wonder Woman, gotta love those cross overs!

This first issue, without a doubt, is the ultimate tease to find out who has picked up the hammer. After a prelude to set up events on Earth, we open with Thor who is distraught and sitting on the moon pleading with Mjolnir to listen as he struggles to pick up the hammer. Notable Asgardians have come to investigate, including the Warriors Three and Lady Sif, alongside Thor’s parents Odin and Freyja. Even Odin has a go to pick up the hammer to prove this sulking is all over nothing… and fails miserably, there’s something else going on but there’s no time to hang around. Frost Giants are invading Midgard, Earth.

I’ll stop there in terms of setting the scene, but basically Thor Odinson is fucked. He’s utterly distraught and this is a far cry from the strong and powerful God of Thunder we know and love. He is begging for Mjolnir to take him back like a desperate ex, but the hammer is having none of it. The hammer’s waiting on its new fling, who appears after everyone has left. She’s a shadowy figure, implied that she’s not Asgardian by the lack of the unique font, and in the penultimate page she simply steps up to the hammer like a shadow and says a single phrase…

“There must always be a Thor.”


Issue 2 comes out next month and by the Norse gods I really need to know who this is. What are your thoughts? Will Thor be a character we’ve met before or someone new?

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