We here at n3rdabl3 are always interested in new technology. Recently we had a chance to talk to Jose Torres the co founder and CEO of Boogio a new smart shoe sensor that doesn’t only keep a track of your vitals but in the future will work side by side with Oculus Rift to really change the way you play games.

n3rdabl3: What is your role within Boogio?

Jose Torres: I am the co-founder and CEO of REFLX Labs, creator of Boogio. I have many roles within the company, from directing a team of engineers, scientists, and creative professionals, to spearheading partnerships. I work closely with the development team and oversee the deployment of technologies produced at the company.

n3: Can you give us a quick explanation of Boogio and what it can do?

JT: Boogio is a pair of bionic foot sensors  that can sense gravitational forces, inner balance, and 3D movement of the feet in real-time, delivering data directly to a mobile device. Boogio activates any shoe and tracks movement from the ground up to take hands-free control of technology. It has the potential to change the way we approach problems in industries like entertainment, physical rehabilitation, and athletic training.

Boogio is comprised of a paper-thin, pressure sensitive layer which is inserted underneath any shoes insole. These pressure sensors are combined with a Bluetooth-enabled clip, which attaches to the side of each shoe. Each sensor has 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity, so simple shifts of the body can be detected. As you move, Boogio is able to sense the pressure exerted in different parts of your foot, capturing high-fidelity feedback on a variety of movements, including steps, jumps, squats, and kicks. Boogio is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.


n3: What is the one thing that makes Boogio stand out from all the other smart shoe accessories?

JT: Boogio is more than a smart shoe- it is a wearable device with an open, configurable platform that will activate any shoe in your closet. Since Boogio can be worn with just about any shoe, it does not have the same limitations as other smart shoes, and lets the user keep their own style while still experiencing the benefits of Boogio.

Unlike other smart shoes, Boogio’s technology is a multi-functional tool that challenges developers to build new applications in fitness, health and gaming industries. If you look at other smart shoes, they are offering very limited capabilities like GPS guidance and step counting- things that people already have access to with their smartphones. Boogio’s potential is unlimited. We have already paired it with Google Glass, Pebble, and Oculus Rift to do things like create a hands-free, immersive virtual reality experience. Athletes can use Boogio to perfect their jump shot or golf swing, and if they are injured, can use the feedback to aid in the recovery process. You can even use Boogio to control a slideshow presentation, turning pages simply by leaning left or right.

n3: How do you want to see Boogio used?

JT: I want to see Boogio used in as many different applications as possible. That’s why we’re pushing the developer kit and have made the product as hackable as possible. The developer kit empowers developers with a Bluetooth API for direct access to sensor data and software configuration and gesture mapping. As more kits find their ways into developer’s hands, we hope to see the fields in which Boogio’s data can be used to increase immensely. Our hope is that Boogio changes the way people look at wearable technology –  it can be so much more than the simple and singular uses we’ve seen on the market so far.

n3: When will we be able to get our hands on one?

JT: The Boogio developer kit is available for preorder now and we expect to ship the kit in early 2015. The kit comes with a pair of flexible sensor inserts, Bluetooth clips and USB charging cables and costs $189.00.

You can check out our website here, which features a video that shows what Boogio looks like in action. You can order the developer kit here.

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