Earlier this week Jawbone announced Jawbone Drop at Twitter’s Flight mobile developer conference. But this time it’s not a fitness tracker or bluetooth speaker, it’s a new service which allows you and your friends to create managed playlists of music using Tweets letting Twitter decide what music you should listen to.

Jawbone Drop utilises Twitter’s recently announced Fabric platform so that Rdio and Spotify playlists can be controlled by groups of friends, or strangers with tweets. In practice, it’s quite simple. Jawbone played out one use case for Jawbone Drop where a handful of guests each “dropped” a track onto the playlist at a party.

All you or your friends will need to do is grab the app, connect their Twitter account during the sign-up process, and send you a tweet with the name of the song that they want to play such as “@azzronulation drop barbie girl,” then that song, along with others that your friends or other Twitter users have “dropped” will be added to the playlist.

This then creates playlists of users favourite music to listen to via the app, though a paid subscription to Spotify Premium or Rdio Unlimited is needed in order for it to work.

drop_trio_split - Edited

“It’s a new music app that elevates the social music experience to a whole new level — it plays music you’ll love with the touch of a button, takes requests from your friends in a seamless way, and constantly adapts to ensure everyone hears music that they’ll enjoy, ” the company wrote in a blog post.

Though a premium subscription is required to use the app, anyone can tweet songs, provided someone they follow has an account. Jawbone Drop also works with any connected speaker system, including Jawbone’s Jambox speakers.

It’s actually a really brilliant way to get your friends to collaborate to a playlist. I can imagine this could be really well utilised by clubs for attendees to tweet the DJ a track they want to hear, even if someone sends a silly request through the song can be deleted by the playlist owner.

Jawbone Drop is available to download now on iOS. There’s no word yet as to whether the app will come to Android.

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