It’s gifs galore on the Mutiny! Kickstarter page, and rightly so. I mean, how else are you going to show off all that swashbuckling action? With still images? I don’t think so… Mutiny! Is a chaotic pirate-themed massive multiplayer beat-em-up; think Super Smash Bros, Bomberman, or Gang Beasts, but with more swords, and sharks and pirate boats, and ridable pigs (for some reason).

The aim of the game is to protect your ship from rampaging enemy pirates who are attempting to steal your loot and sink your vessel, however, at the same time, you’ll be competing with your allies to see who is the greatest pirate of all time by collecting as much booty as ye can! There’s also the Captain’s Hat to fight over – a very powerful item that both helps and hinders the lucky owner.

Kickstartme: Mutiny! A 16 Player Pirate-athon - n3rdabl3

The game is currently in development by Hidden Armada, and it looks like everything I ever want in a video game (except that you can’t build a rocket and fly to another planet and build a number of thrusters on it that sends it hurtling towards your starting planet like in Planetary Annihilation). Fast-paced action gameplay, pirate hats, explosions, lots of friends over on a sofa, laughter, snazzy artwork, cute animals, big waves – all that stuff. I love that stuff, and it’s in the game. It looks like one of those games that leads to hours and hours of hilarious gameplay, and I’m all about those.

Mutiny! Is currently looking for support on Kickstarter – so send em a coin or two, eh? Donate a chest or more and get yoorselves some special Mutiny! loot. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube  Here’s a cute pig:

Kickstartme: Mutiny! A 16 Player Pirate-athon - n3rdabl3


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