The LG G Watch R is looking like one of the nicest wearables that I have seen yet. With its round 1.3 inch face instead of a square face and its 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, I am really hoping that this product finds its way out of South Korea.

The LG G Watch R is looking very attractive and LG have announced on their blog that it will be available from October 14 but only in South Korea. It is currently unknown whether the Android Wear product will be made available in other regions but the chances are looking good. As South Korea is LGs home country it makes sense for them to start selling the LG G Watch R there first.

The watch is looking to be a bit more expensive than others on the market but it is also offering a better look with a 1.3 inch circular display rather than a square one, it can be seen and read from a variety of different angles, meaning that you don’t have to have the watch right in front of your face to be able to see what’s going on with it. The Vivid colours on the screen also allow for a much better outdoor viewing experience and the ability to have a leather strap adds to its “classic feel.”

Priced at 352,000 won in South Korea, pending any addition regional taxes it would make the LG G Watch R around £205 or $335. But the device does includes a heat rate sensor, Google Now, Dustproof and water proof for up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. It also allows you access to the Google Play Store in order to be able to download certain apps designed specifically for wearables.

LG have noted on their South Korean Blog that they are happy for the LG G Watch R to have been elected to be the “Best of IFA 2014.”

Here are the full specifications according to the LG Blog:

Size 1.3 inches Full Circle (Full Circle) P-OLED (320 * 320)
Chipset 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 400
Sensors 09 axis (gyro / accelerometer / compass), pressure sensor, heart rate sensor
Battery 410mAh
Memory 512MB / 4GB
Operating System Android software (compatible with smartphones and Android 4.3 or later)
Waterproof and dustproof IP67 certification
Weight 62g
Color Black
Shipping is ₩ 352,000

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