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If you spend too much time on the internet like me you usually come across fan wikis and my favourite of all is the Power Ranger one. I love the richness and in depth information fans of a product put into these articles, the haven of trivia and cool bits of information they tend to hold.

Whilst surfing the Power Rangers in another vain attempt to fill up time I stumbled across an interesting idea. For those of you who stopped watching Power Rangers roughly about the time people became a bit concerned about why on a Saturday morning you were watching Power Rangers, you probably haven’t seen one of the later incarnations Power Rangers Samurai.

As you probably remember from the original, the comic relief came in the form of dim witted bullies Bulk and Skull. In Power Ranger Samurai Bulk is entrusted with looking after Skull’s son, Spike. Their mother is mentioned or seen, so this where my little theory comes in.

During the original show, Skull had a crush on Kimberly, the Pink Power Ranger. Though it was claimed later the two were to become an item, Kimberly ended up with Green Ranger Tommy. Sadly the two broke up after Kimberly went to compete in gymnastics (Amy-Jo Johnson had requested to leave the show), but my theory is that Kimberley is Spikes mother. Fans do roughly place Spikes conception around the time of Power Rangers Turbo.

As the show progressed it became clear that Skull moved away from being mean spirited bully to in his own way, a decent dude. Evidence of this arises in the final episode of Power Rangers in Space, the duo put their lives on the line to protect the Power Rangers and all of humanity by posing as Rangers.

So maybe to build up to the demonstration of nobility Spike impressed Kim during the era of Power Rangers just after the two were involved in the story for the box office flop, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Also when Skull did appear in Power Rangers Samurai, he appeared to come into some money. I mean if you’re really good at gymnastics there is some money in that.

Plus we never see Kimberly again, so maybe she was pregnant and that’s why she disappeared?  Did see go into hiding to protect her child from the likes of Rita Repulsa?

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