After over 6 months of Beta testing, Project Spark is hitting the shelves as a starter pack. Over 1 million people spent 4 million hours creating 70,000 levels ready for launch day and it has really paid off.

The official Project Spark is available to download for free on both the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 but you can also buy a starter pack for around £30 which includes around £60 of additional content. If you don’t want to buy the starter pack then you are welcome to earn it through gameplay starting from scratch.

If for some unknown reason you don’t know what Project Spark is, it is a video game creators dream. There is no coding to worry about and you can put your own dreams into a game using the easy to use editing tools which allow you to create a landscape, characters, equipment, and enemies. You can play both your own creations and have a look at what other people have created.

If you upgrade to the Premium membership you can also earn credits twice as fast so that you can obtain addition content quicker. The starter pack which is available includes:

  • Champions Quest: Void Storm Adventure
  • Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion
  • First Contact Sci-Fi theme pack
  • Yeti’s Rage content pack
  • Arctic Glaciers winter landscape
  • Massive World Builder Pack expansion
  • One month of Project Spark Premium membership to earn credits twice as fast

It goes on sale today so if you are a budding creator, have a look.

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