call of duty advanced warfare 2

That’s it, I’m sold. The game could be total pants for all I care, no quick scoping? That’s a freaking dream! Sledgehammer Games Michael Condry has just answered all of my prayers – if there’s nothing I hate more in multiplayer shooters, it’s those who think they have skill by quick-scoping. Thankfully Advanced Warfare won’t be filled with the vile parasites.

Speaking to 3 News, Condry said that the team have been working hard to balance classes, leaving less room for auto-aim exploits and to hopefully completely remove the games semi-realistic nature we’ve come to know and loathe – though you do remember the whole EXO suit thing, right Michael? Anyway, in an effort to make the game more realistic in terms of what’s physically possible with a high powered rifle, you’ll no longer be able to quick-scope, you’ll actually be required to look at your target to fire at them..

“Let me put it this way, sniper classes are not going to be overpowered relative to their peers,” he said. “The ability to master a sniper rifle and be great at it will be equal to the ability to master any other class.”

“We’ve done some things to make sure snipers are not able to take advantage of their properties – for example, there are attachments based on weapon classes that are specific. The ability to quick-draw with an assault rifle is important, but you don’t want to have the ability to quick-draw with a sniper rifle because that lends itself to being a faster, quick-scope model.”

“We spent a lot of time trying to focus on it so I think sniper class players will find that it’s a really rewarding experience, but it won’t be over-powered relative to their peers.”

Though in the interview he kind-of dances around the answer as to whether quick-scoping will be in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, what we can say is that you may need to actually use skill this time in order to kill someone with your sniper rifle, not just a handful of lucky shots you pile into a YouTube montage to make it seem like you’ve mastered ‘quick-scoping.’

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