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DC are showing off their three new digital comic series at NYCC, one of them being a Wonder Woman series in the style of Lynda Carter’s TV show from back in the 70s. This comes as an announcement alongside other digital series including Fables: The Wolf Among Us, a separate canon linked to the game rather than the original Fables series, and Mortal Combat X.

There’s no doubting this new Wonder Woman series will follow a similar line from the Adam West inspired Batman ’66 which has proven to be a hit over the last year. This iteration will be written by Mark Andreyko and covers provided by Nicola Scott. What’s also great about this is that this will be the third headliner for Wonder Woman in the comic book world and will no doubt help rake in a few new readers who would enjoy the nostalgia value and also a chance for new readers to slip in and have a look at what else Wonder Woman can do. I know I’ll definitely be reading!

The series will be a digital download which will debut as a six part back to back weekly series and is due to begin in December and in early 2015 will make it to print as two issues. After that it will slow down and appear more periodically during the year. We don’t know yet who will be doing the interior artwork, but we’ve been promised that we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Are you excited to see this Lynda Carter inspired Wonder Woman come back for some fun? Do you think this will have any impact on the current Wonder Woman image, especially now that she’ll finally be coming to the big screen in Dawn of Justice?

wonder woman 77
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