Sony’s SmartWatch 3 Appears on US Google Play Store

Sony’s latest Smartwatch, the Sony SmartWatch 3, appeared on the US Google Play Store, suggesting that the latest addition to the fledgeling wearable tech market will be available to consumers very soon.

While a release date is still to be confirmed Sony have slapped a price on their latest Smartwatch, with punters having to shell out $249.99 (£155.36) for the privilege of donning Sony’s latest technology proudly on their wrist.

This price is hardly surprising, it’s around the mark of all of the new Smartwatches that are hitting the scene rocking Google’s Android Wear, however initial impressions aren’t too favourable to the SmartWatch 3, with most commentators agreeing that Google’s own Moto 360 will be the big dog that’ll tackle the oncoming advance of Apple’s fabled Smartwatch (if punters decide to pick up Smartwatches at all that is).

Sony announced the SmartWatch at IFA last month, announcing that the Smartwatch will feature the same waterproof technology that is a measure of most its Smartphones to date.

The SmartWatch 3 will be Sony’s first addition to the Android Wear lineup, it will feature a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM A7 chip, with 4GB internal memory and 512MB of RAM.

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