Vodafone have joined in with affordable smart products for your home and travel by adding their own brand 4G Smart Tab into the mix.

Back in July Vodafone released a 3G only Smart Tab but now they want something faster. The Vodafone Smart Tab boast a low price of £125 which beats many others on the market including EE’s Eagle Tablet which is priced at £209.99 and even Tesco’s Huni 2 which is WiFi only and priced at £129.

Many of the features of Vodafone’s 4G Smart Tab are the same as the 3G only one with a few notable exceptions. It includes an 8-inch HD screen with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 410. Instead of the 2MP camera that the 3G only version has, the 4G has a 5MP camera.

Even the monthly cost is something to be happy about as you can get the 1GB 4G plan for £17 a month with £29 up-front payment which actually matches the price of the 3G only smart tab. So if you are looking for a new tablet just remember to check the 4G coverage in your area first and when it will be made available to you but even if it is not there just yet, you can’t argue with the cost of this.

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