The Doctor and the Dalek Screenshot

The BBC are the latest to join in with the likes of Google in an effort to introduce coding to a younger generation with The Doctor and the Dalek, a new Dr. Who game staring the latest Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, that’s been designed to teach kids some basic coding skills.

The game, which is written by Phil Ford, sees everyone’s favourite regenerating doctor save a distressed Dalek and attempt to reprogram it. The Doctor and the Dalek will attempt to teach young’uns code which slots into Key Stage 2 and 3 learning and will utilise variables, repetition and loops for the player to manipulate their little Dalek’s behaviour sending it safely through the series of platform-like levels.

The game isn’t quite available to the public just yet, but as soon as Wednesday October 22 rolls around it’ll be downloadable via the CBBC website. The game is set to land on PC then on tablets later in the year.

You can see exactly how the game plays out in the video above courtesy of Family Gamer TV.


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