Will.i.am will finally be announcing the launch of his Smartwatch on Wednesday in San Francisco at Saleforce.coms Dreamforce event. Originally supposed to have been released in July, the delays are finally over. The amazing thing about this wearable is that it does not need to be connected to a phone. It is the phone.

Will.i.am has showcased the Smartwatch a few times earlier on in the year on both Alan Carr: Chatty Man as well as The Voice. The watch can make and receive calls as well as access apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and it has Bluetooth and WiFi to be able to listen to music wirelessly. The Smartwatches battery will have about a month’s lifespan on it before it needs recharging and the curved screen gives it a nice smooth look.

But where Apple and Will.i.am’s new smart watch will really differ is the music. Will.i.am partnered up with 7Digital and has been said to have negotiated with many different music firms to create an equal pay for all music that is downloaded onto the device, unlike apple who charge different amounts for varying artists. Because of the design and the method, the share prices for 7 Digital have already jumped 44% today.

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