Xbox One Players to Wait an Extra Month for Minecraft Retail Copies

Want to get your hands on a retail copy of Minecraft for Xbox One? Well, you’re in for a little wait. PS4 users can get their hands on a copy scheduled to go on sale on October 3rd, but One players will have to wait until November 18th.

You can think this a bit odd, especially how Mojang was bought by Microsoft earlier in September. You would think that Xbox users would get the head start over their PlayStation rival, unless of course the buying of the Swedish company has attributed towards the delay somehow. Microsoft haven’t told us why it’s coming later, but they have told us via Xbox Wire that it will be available for $19.99 which should roughly convert to £12-£13. However, if you already own the digital edition of the game, you can upgrade to a physical copy for $4.99 which is about £3. I get a feeling we might be paying the full £4.99 too despite the conversion, but we could be lucky!

The Xbox One edition of Minecraft, much like the PS3 to PS4 port, will allow you to transfer over all your old worlds from 360 into the new game alongside “most” of your previous downloadable content. We don’t know exactly what that entails for sure yet, but it can be a safe bet to imagine that your skin packs will be transferred over, because let’s face it, that would suck if they didn’t. Four player split-screen still remains as well as eight player online coop over Xbox Live.

There’s still no word on the PS Vita’s edition of Minecraft, but no doubt in the run up towards Christmas over the next couple of months we’ll hear about it soon enough.

Xbox One Players to Wait an Extra Month for Minecraft Retail Copies - n3rdabl3

Minecraft is available to purchase digitally on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. Retail copies release October 3rd for PS4 and November 18th for Xbox One.

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Imagine if this happened the other way around and it was delayed for Four weeks on the PS4, you would have every Sony fanboy and every anti MS loony posting in every forum that it’s a conspiracy, or they done it on purpose etc etc.