BF4 Final Stand

Battlefield 4’s final DLC, Final Stand has gotten a release date. The aptly named DLC will take players to more of a winter climate with four new maps! It was announced on Battlefield’s Battleblog that Final Stand will be coming to all platforms next week… Or at least if you’re a premium member you’ll be getting it next week.

The DLC will be available for free to premium members on November 18th but those of you who are not premium Battlefield 4 owners you will have to wait till December 2nd and will also have to pay. It’s a tough world out there, I know. Final Stand introduces 4 new maps. Operation Whiteout, which sees you blizzard ridden Serbia. A submarine base in the form of Hammerhead. My particular favourite, Hangar 21, which looks to me a factory filled with gadgets and robots? And lastly, Giants of Karelia, what appears to be a large map set around a weapons factory.

If that’s not enough, why not check out the Official Reveal video down below!

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Let us know what you think of the final DLC for Battlefield 4. Does Final Stand look to be a good finale before the franchise moves on? Share all your thoughts in the comments below!


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