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BioShock Infinite was such a good game, a game loved by many and now it’s getting the ‘Complete Edition’ treatment! The game from 2K games and Irrational Games came out all the way in March of 2013 and received high praises as well as many awards. Here at n3rdabl3 many of us enjoyed the game when it was first released.

The Complete Edition of BioShock Infinite will include all DLC. So that’s BioShock Infinite, both episodes of Burial at Sea, and a shooting challenge called Clash in the Clouds. Not enough? There’s more you’ll get access to what was inteded for special editions so you’ll be able to experience the Early Bird Special Pack, Industrial Revolution Pack, and the Upgrade Pack.

Now for the cost, you’ll be looking at $40 or “a local equivalent”. The BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition will only be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. So that’s no PC or Mac release and not in digital format.

It’s stated for release November 4th but that could be US release so Europe release could be the 5th, maybe even later, maybe the 4th. We will have to wait and see!

BioShock Infinite is without a doubt a brilliant game and if you still haven’t played it, now seems like the best opportunity. You’re going to be getting quite the bang for your buck.

If you did play it what is your thoughts of a Complete Edition? Share your thought on this and everything BioShock Infinite in the comments below!

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