What would you say if someone asked you to get hooked up to an IV while you play games that actually took the blood out of your body whenever your character on the game received damage and started bleeding out? You’d probably tell them to piss off because it sounds absolutely absurd, right? Well, apparently not, as a new Kickstarter has just launched for a gaming peripheral that does just that.

The idea is that this cooky peripheral can be used at blood donation gaming events (if there is such a thing) as an interesting and immersive way for players to get into their games even more and support a good cause, that’s if everything goes to plan..

The Kickstarter lovingly titled “Blood Sport: The Ultimate In Immersive Gaming” is seeking money on Kickstarter for the peripheral that will essentially take the blood out of your body when your controller vibrates, something that usually happens when you take damage in various games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Dark Souls.

“Our goal is to develop a refined multi-player unit that can be taken across the country for blood donation gaming events,” say the makers — “Brand & Grotesque” of Toronto.

If you’re a particularly terrible gamer, don’t worry about bleeding out as the device apparently pays attention to the amount of blood taken. Built on an Arduino board, the device both draws blood and keeps track of how much of the red stuff it has actually taken out of you, in order to power down the machine before you lose too much blood. According to the Kickstarter players “input [their] age, weight and any preexisting medical conditions” into the device to essentially lessen the chances that they’ll actually die.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel,” the creators say. “All we’re doing is hacking a pre-existing blood collection machine to take your gaming experience to the next level.”

What better way to pass out due to blood loss than at the climax of a particularly heart racing game of Call of Duty? If you’re interested in reading more or if you’re crazy enough to pledge some cash to this, then head to the Kickstarter page here.

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