Batman Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is one of those comics which caused a huge change in the comic industry. Comics weren’t just for kids anymore.

Our story begins with Bruce Wayne driving manically for a charity car race around Gotham. In a car, he totals completely.

As the story goes on we find Gotham in dior straits. Crime rampant, a new gang called the Mutants on the war path with no Batman being sighted for ten years.

Most of his rogues are aged and have either reformed or have stayed locked up. Two-Face AKA Harvey Dent has had his face fixed and is set to return to society. Or is he?

Bruce ditched the cape after the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. Now in his fifties and out of shape, Bruce drinks away the pain and shelters himself away.

That is until one night he visits Crime Alley. The place where his parents died. He’s approached by two thugs from the Mutant Gang, who decide Bruce isn’t worth mugging because he’s old and ‘worthless’

Later on Bruce returns to the Batman cowl. On his first outing, he stops a robbery in a rather violent manner. The Dark Knight has returned.

This inspires the bright and the bold Carrie Kelly to become the next and the first female Robin.

After foiling Two-Face after his attempt to bring terror down on Gotham, it’s clear he’s back on form.

Later on however he needs the help of Carrie after he takes on the leader of the Mutant Gang. Reluctantly accepting Carrie’s help, The Dark Knight Returns to take on the Mutant leader and beats him in a muddy dog fight.

The Joker now rears his ugly head and when Batman tracks him down to a county fair he snaps the Jokers neck. To make things harder for Batman, The Joker breaks his spine leaving everyone to think Batman is a killer.

After a huge power cut thanks to a nuclear detonation taking place after the US escalate a conflict, Gotham loses power and Batman and Robin must regain control of the city on horseback and using the remainders of the Mutant Gang, most have become The Sons of Batman, a superhero street gang.

Superman, who is now a government agent, is tasked with taking Batman down.  After a battle in the street, Bruce fakes his own death and goes underground.



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