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Following EA’s promise to release constant updates for The Sims 4, the publisher has now released the first of many updates which brings back one of the more controversial commissions that EA had made in order to add more depth to The Sims: Swimming Pools. That’s right, as of now you can finally deck out your back yard with a swimming pool for your Sims to enjoy.. or not.

You can download the update right now, all you have to do is open up your Origin account and the update should start downloading, that’s it! Now you can drown your Sims or make them pee in the pool if you so wish. But the pools are a little different than you might remember because if your Sims do drown, whether its accidental or on purpose, they’ll come back as a new type of ghost with a taste for water.

Your Sims in the game will also have a new way to interact with the pool by sitting on the edge, an action previously unavailable in past Sims titles. Your Sims will also get a new line of swimwear too which is pretty exciting, if you’re into that anyway.

The new update brings along with it a ton of new ways for you to build floors with the developers now making it possible for you to build a multi-floor mansion with pools on each floor, as well as adding unique angles to pools, the possibilities seem almost endless.

So if you have The Sims 4, you can grab the update right now absolutely free.

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