If you love Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Toy Story, Hercules, The Jungle Book, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many other Disney, Pixar, or Marvel movies, you’ll be pleased to know that Disney and Google have partnered together to bring Disney Movies Anywhere to Google Play allowing you to watch your favourite Disney titles on any device via Google Play.

Disney had previosly rolled out Disney Movies Anywhere to Apple allowing Disney enthusiasts the ability to purchase and watch Disney movies on iTunes or using a special code found in certain Disney DVD’s and then watch the movies across a range of different Apple devices, this now also applies to Android devices too!

“We want to make it easy for movie fans to enjoy all of their past and future digital purchases across all of their devices,” says Google’s head of Google Play Movies partnerships Jonathan Zepp.

What this now means that as soon as you’ve downloaded the Disney Movies Anywhere app on your Android device and signed in using your Google account, regardless the device you own you’ll be able to watch over 400 Disney movies on your Android tab, iPhone, Macbook, or Android smartphone.

This is obviously an incredibly smart move from Disney as according to ComScore Android now accounts for 50 per cent of the market share so now it’s available on Google play, Disney movies are available across almost all mobile OS’s, this deal is also huge for the future of cross-platform syncing as this is for the first time ever we’ve been able to get content to sync up regardless of the OS you use.

It’s a strong step forward for the movie industry and I’m looking forward to seeing who follows in Disney’s footsteps.

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