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Titan Comics are bringing the gore-fest scare-‘em-up, The Evil Within, to the pulp pages.

Writer Ian Edgington will be taking yet another story from the joypad to the world of comics as The Evil Within joins his back catalogue, including Kane and Lynch and Dead Space.

Speaking to CBR Edginton said: “Obviously I don’t want to give too much away, so this is going to be a broad strokes kind of thing. The miniseries centers on 20-something Dana Robinson.

“She’s had a rough time recently; her best friend Kate Mellor disappeared right in front of her, lost in a crowd. One minute she was there, the next she was gone, vanished without a trace. Several months on, and Dana’s not stopped looking for her. She’s dropped out of university and is on the brink of mental and physical exhaustion when she finds herself on strange road at night, way out in the middle of nowhere.

“she crosses paths with Paul Carey, an ER doctor. He’d heard of Kate’s disappearance on the news, but says it was years ago and her mutilated body was eventually found. Paul himself is puzzled, as the last thing he remembers is catching a brief nap break at work before waking up in a booth in a nearby roadside diner.

“This conundrum is the least of their worries though, as they quickly realize the world they’re in is not their own but a twisted reflection”

Edginton went on to say that his mini-series won’t be a direct tie-in. “It’s a stand-alone thing, but it will have a very similar, mood, tone and atmosphere to the game. The series does get to use some of the main enemies from the game though”

In the interview, Edgington also says that he can’t be precious about the work as it’s like “playing with someone else’s toys”. He also said that writing about a game franchise that isn’t directly plot linked is about “tapping into what makes that game popular, then taking it and running with it. More often than not, the game developers want something that feels close to the mood of the game but works on its own merits.”

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