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At the end of last month we saw the beginning of Turtle Rock’s Evolve ‘Big Alpha’ which allowed players to dive right into the developers upcoming 4v1 shooter which is set to launch on February 10, 2015. It was not only a chance for us to dive into the game and really put the servers to the test, it was also a chance for Turtle Rock to compile data as to how we all did, what class players chose to play as the most, and how well players did as both humans and monsters.

In total the Evolve ‘Big Alpha’ saw 1,327,493 games played when the beta ran from October 30 – November 4 with Hunters being the overall victor with 753,414 wins compared to the Monsters 574,079 wins. The data also showed that the Assault Class was the most picked class out of the five available with 22.9 per cent of players choosing that class, almost being out-shined by the Monster class which was picked by 22.4 per cent.

Along with playing the game, Evolve’s ‘Big Alpha’ was also a huge hit with streamers with a total of 7,168,460 total views on Twitch with a total of 2,061,140 hours watched. That’s pretty impressive.

All of this information has been lovingly compiled into an infographic for you to feast your eyes on which includes other information. You can check that out here.

Did you play Evolve’s ‘Big Alpha’? If so, what did you think?

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