Bandai Namco games have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Godzilla. The game, originally announced in June, will see players span the entire history of the giant monster by taking on the role of the beast themselves completing various missions mostly involving destruction of buildings and other landmarks.

Set to be released in Japan this winter, there’s yet a western release announced. In the game players will be able to take the role of Godzilla with different iterations of the beast being used throughout the game. It’s been said that the game is going to take-on a more classic 1950s feel going back to classic Godzilla roots with similar camera angles, screen tints, and gunpowder-based special effects and explosions used in movies from the past.

The game will also feature the recent 2014 Hollywood version of Godzilla, if that’s something you’re hoping for.

Check out the new trailer above.

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