If the Goliath monster from Turtle Rock’s upcoming 4v1 shooter, Evolve, had a dating profile it would likely have all of the other female Goliath’s swooning at his giant feet when he adds that he loves ‘skipping with his friends,’ or at least that’s how I imagine things going down after seeing the above gameplay clip.

It seems during the Evolve Big Alpha this past weekend included more than just humans and monsters battling it out to the death as a handful of players put-off the killing for a few minutes to enjoy a spot of skipping. It all seems like fun and games until the Goliath comes along who could ruin the fun for everyone, instead he tries to join in too.

Unfortunately he doesn’t quite have the grace that the smaller, human players have and just falls off the roof. There’s still hope for the big fella though, eh?

Check out the video above courtesy of Brandon Yanez on YouTube.

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