Hurrah! Not so long ago the sad news came of Irrational having to lay off a number of their staff even after the successes of Bioshock Infinite, but on Irrational’s career’s page we can see that the company have opened up two new positions that need filling. Can this be a sign for an imminent comeback?

If you’re not familiar with Irrational’s work, where have you been?! This studio are the ones responsible for the fantastic Bioshock franchise, as well as other titles such as System Shock 2.

The roles that the studio are hiring for are for an IT Manager and a Senior Programmer. Now that latter job title could potentially mean some good things from the studio, right? The job description is as follows:

Irrational Games is currently looking for a Senior Programmer that is equally experienced in architecting and implementing AI and Gameplay systems. This position will work directly with the Lead Programmer, along with the Animation, Art and Design teams to create fun and interesting AI opponents and gameplay elements for our next title. This position will also be responsible for additional core responsibilities including, but not limited to general gameplay features, tools, engine technology, and build systems.

Maybe I’m just getting my hopes up, being a sucker for Bioshock and its world, but remember that Ken Levine (co-founder of Irrational Games) never said that the studio were going to stop making games. He just wanted to have a more intimate team that could communicate more with the audience they’re making games for.

What do you think this could mean for Irrational? A potential spring back to glory or just filling some holes in the current team?


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