Facebook didn’t do themselves any favours earlier this year when they announced that the only way you’d be able to message your friends through Facebook via mobile would be to download the separate Facebook Messeger app. This left users frustrated and angry that they’d have to download another proprietary app to message friends when the standalone Facebook app worked perfectly well. For those still confused behind Facebooks decision, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed why in his first public Q&A.

During said Q&A he was asked “Why were people forced to download the separate Messenger app to chat?” His reply could be summed up in two words, because he thinks its a “better experience.” Thankfully there’s more to it than that and it does make a lot of sense. The reason for the need to download the Facebook Messenger app is for convenience, it’s easy to just tap on the app and chat to friends whereas before the chat was buried within Facebook’s app needing multiple taps to chat with friends.

According to Zuckerberg people send 10 billion messages through Facebook every day so he thought it would be better for them to get a more core experience, though, to wrap up Zuck admitted “Maybe we didn’t handle that as smoothly as we could, in terms of the transition.”

As I mentioned in our original post announcing the split, making the Facebook app and the Messaging app separate allows Facebook to work solely on each app in turn improving both apps simultaneously rather than the core Facebook app getting improvements and the messaging system being left by the wayside.

Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the problem for those with phones that have small memory, meaning they’ll have to decide whether to use Facebook on the web and download Facebook Messenger, or use the Facebook app and never message friends again, or in the more extreme case, never use Facebook again..

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