It’s happened, Marvel Phase 3 has been announced. Because people weren’t excited about what’s left of Phase 2…

Captain America: Civil War, May 6th 2016-

The Civil War was written by Mark Millar back in 2006.

It saw the superhero community split between Ironman and Captain America. Ironman wanted all superheroes to register with the government while Captain America opposed it.

It’s clear that Age of Ultron will change the Avengers team so this could be the catalyst for everything to happen.

Doctor Strange, November 4th 2016-

This will surely introduce the mystical side of the Marvel Universe since Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, the guardian of magical happenings.

Since Stephen Strange was already mentioned as a person of note in Captain America 2 it appears the character is somehow active and of interest to the hero community.

This should be a straight up origin film by the looks of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2, May 5th 2017-

The king of summer 2014 will surely follow up on Star-Lord meeting his ‘jerk’ of a dad who his king of an alien empire.  This should set up the inevitable meeting between the Avengers and the Guardians for the event at the later part of this decade.

Thor: Ragnarok, July 28th 2017-

This will clearly square Thor out of the Civil War and away from anything happening on Earth I reckon. This is me just going on the comics where Thor resigns from The Avengers because the apocalyptic end of Asgard has begun.

Black Panther, November 3rd 2017-

T’Challa is the King of Wakanda, a hyper-advanced African Nation and he also acts as his protector. Buzz if Andy Serkis may be playing his nemesis, the sound based super villain, Klaw.

Avengers: The Infinity War Part 1, May 4th 2018-

A tale which should see the Guardians and The Avengers unite as they take on Thanos now armed with the Infinity Gauntlet which will give the power of a Demi-God.

Captain Marvel, July 6th 2018-

Will it be the original male Captain Marvel or the former Ms. Marvel? I hope for the latter.

Inhumans, November 2nd 2018-

Following the exploits of mutated race of humans. The Inhumans is likely to introduce us further to why we shouldn’t like the Kree.

Avengers: The Infinity War Part 2, May 3rd 2019-

Hopefully an epic end to the decade and Phase 3.


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