So a day came like no other, when some writer about the comic book industry decided to give you a list of his favourite characters of the Naruto franchise in the form of an ultimate superhero team format. Here we go!

Mecha Naruto- A ninja in an armour that sort of resembles Ironman. I don’t need to explain that any further do I? Of course Naruto himself was going to be on this team.

Rock Lee- The Hawkeye of the team. As you probably know Rock Lee can only use hand to hand combat (Taijutsu), none of the special Justus like the others. Lee has a mastery of martial arts and a passion for endurance and hard work. So I think he’s earned a place on this team.

Asuma Sarutobi- The Avengers always benefits from the firm ideological and patriotic beliefs of Captain America. So I think the Will of Fire would be well represented by Asuma, who literally wears the Land of Fires patriotic motto (The Will of Fire) on his shirt.

Tenten- I’ve read the manga and I plan to cherry pick episodes of the anime to watch. Mostly interesting filler arcs that’ll probably add some dimension to characters or stories in the manga. Tenten who some neat powers based on the use of many ninja themed weaponry. Every team needs a gadget guy or a gadget girl.

Kakashi- He may be always late for stuff, but when he does turn his electrifying and rather good at spying with being in the ANBU, The Hidden Leaf Villages black ops division.

The Yellow Flash- Narutos dad Minato has a cool power set. In terms of power set he’s like Hiro from Heroes. With the ability to bend time and space, he could easily swoop in like a superhero and save the day.

Killer Bee- We need a hulking monster on the team and I reckon Killer Bee has decent disciplined one in tow. Plus as a benefit we also have a guy who has some pretty slick rapping skills. Also how does he fight with a sword which he holds with he his neck? I want to find out.


Have I missed anyone? Use your messaging Justu and tell me who!

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