During Nintendo’s Direct broadcast yesterday the publisher revealed some more information about their messy third-person shooter Splatoon. The insane shooter has now been given a fairly rough release window of Q2 2015 and the game will also be getting a single player mode for those times you want to practice your skills without being called a noob.

Splatoon is a fairly unique title from Nintendo that doesn’t actually include any of the company’s well-known characters. The game is a third person shooter that puts players in the role of a child-turned-squid whose sole aim is to take down the opposing team using a combination of ink-shooting and tactical manoeuvring whilst trying to cover as much of the level with their colour ink as possible.

The game is primarily a multiplayer shooter but for those times you just want to play without the added pressure of performing well, Nintendo have now revealed the games single-player mode in a brand new trailer you can see above. It seems the single player mode pits you against a series of tentacle bots which perform in much the same way as an online opponent, though they probably won’t laugh at you if you do terribly.

Earlier this year we managed to get hands-on with Splatoon at a Nintendo Post E3 event, to check out what we thought, click here.

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