The cutest game in the world has been made into a number of short films, kinda.

Pikmin Short Movies are a number of short animated films set in the Pikmin universe and produced by the god Shigeru Miyamoto. Three of the films – “Treasures in a Bottle”, “The Night Juicer” and “Occupational Hazards” – have been released in a lovely little package which is now available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop. There are two different versions of the package; Pikmin Short Movies HD and Pikmin Short Movies 3D, the former is available on Wii U, and the latter can be viewed in 3D on the 3DS. You can pick them up for $4.99 each (which is just over £3).

The package also features additional promotional footage, and there’s a lovely little trailer – see above!

Also, a demo for the third Pikmin was released today (Pikmin 3, of course), which I am MOST excited about. Good news for the demo players too; those who play the demo can carry over their progress to the full game when it’s finally released. How very user friendly!

You might remember how upset we were when we found out that Pikmin 3 wouldn’t be releasing alongside the Wii U




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