After a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign, Wil Wheaton is back for a third season of his fun-filled, star-studded web series, Tabletop. The show premieres on 13 November on Geek and Sundry’s YouTube channel, and promises to be just as entertaining and educational as the previous seasons.  The season has been 100% funded by fans, and the big difference this time round, is that we’ll know what games are being featured ahead of time, so you can play along if you want to!

I was initially introduced to Tabletop a couple of years ago, and have since spent quite a bit of money and filled up a significant part of my house with board, dice and card games that have been featured on the show. With more and more high quality games being produced, we really are in the golden age of tabletop gaming.  So get your cards, dice and Meeples ready, and brace yourself for season 3 of Tabletop. Will Wil finally win a game, or will the dice continue to try to kill him?


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