sony smartwatch 3

Sony have announced the release of the Sony Smartwatch 3, the next in their line of Android Wear powered wearable devices. For those who are yet to see it, the watch has a square screen and built in GPS to help you keep track of your fitness. Not only does it track how far you have walked or run, it also keeps track of how long you sleep.

Although Google Play states that the Android-powered wearable is not yet available in the UK there are sites that are selling this smartwatch, such as MobileFun, but they do have a delivery wait of two to three weeks before they will have the watch in stock.

The watch is priced at around £190 and is available in metal, classic white or sporty lime green. You can do all of the things that we have come to expect from Android Wear powered wearable devices such as being able to check Facebook and Twitter, read texts and emails, as well as play music.

As nice as this watch looks there does not appear to be anything that makes it truly different to the other. If you want one of these watches it all comes down to which style you prefer.

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