Yet again, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have the modern world figured out and hit the nail on the head. In a recent episode of South Park, free-to-play gaming has been placed against a suspiciously clean wall and introduced to the firing squad.

For years, I’ve been sitting in front of social media, screaming about the idiotic use of the word ‘free’ that has been a staple in applications that cover the colourful world of farms, candy and just about any subject you care to mention with the evil, underhanded use of microtransactions. Nobody listens…

Yes, it’s true! These game developers are no longer interested in your enjoyment of games, they want your money, plain and simple and they’ll offer as little as possible in return to prise your wallets open. It’s alien to me that there are people out there who genuinely think it’s acceptable.

Maybe now that it’s been uncovered in it’s full demonic glory in South Park, people will sit up and take note. Or maybe the world will just continue turning while mindless zombies continue to type their credit card details into a ‘social’ game that’s about as sociable as a mute with disassociation disorder.

While watching the episode, it’s clear that it’s based on the spate of Zynga style games that seem to be everywhere these days, featuring Terrence and Philip and again, the Canadians are to blame. You’ve seen the argument a million times, but never this hilarious. Go and watch the episode if you’ve missed it already.



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