Here at n3rdabl3 we come across a lot of weird and wonderful Kickstarter projects, this week we’re looking at the Tailio for Cats from Pet Wireless. Tailio is a new device/ app that will learn your cats weight, waste and visit patterns to the litter box in order to create a unique health profile ‘paw print.’

Tailio comes with a wireless device that sits under your cats litter box to monitor for early warning signs for a number of major health concerns. If there is a reason for concern you will be alerted by the Tailio app on your smartphone or tablet. The app will also remind owners when it is time to change the litter box, just incase you need that.

“Tailio’s advanced technology helps owners care for their cats at a much earlier stage of many common health issues, and significantly improves the chances of positive outcomes with less suffering,” Dr. Mark Goldstein, DVM and former President of the San Diego Humane Society, notes.  “Through the intelligence of Tailio analytics, the smart platform can help cats live longer, healthier lives, and also provides owners peace of mind.”

Pet Wireless founder Alex Treiner developed Tailio with his own personal experiences in mind. He says, “I know the heartbreak of discovering your beloved cat’s illness a little too late. I knew if I could develop a device that detected signs of disease or distress earlier that owners would and alert them, it would help owners to avoid the pain of losing beloved pet before their time, that my family and I experienced. That’s why I created Tailio.”

Pet Wireless is currently looking for $30,000 via Kickstarter. Early backers will be able to get their hands on a Tailio for as little as $99 while big spenders will be able to go behind the scenes at big cat world in San Diego Zoo, unfortunately that is only for US residents.

Here is a quick look at the app and platform.

iPhone5_AlertScreen iPhone5_Litterbox iPhone5_ProfileScreen device-litterbox_reflection

Let us know if you are going to be donating to Tailio.

To help out Pet Wireless check out their Kickstarter page here.

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