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Fans of Turtle Rock’s upcoming 4v1 shooter, Evolve, are being enlisted to help name the next monster to appear in the game, the developers have revealed this week. Currently the game has two confirmed monsters, The Goliath and The Kraken, and they want your help to name the next monster a single player can play as when the game launches on February 10, 2015.

This next monster, which currently has a shortlist of four names, is absolutely massive, towering over the Goliath and of course, humans, and seems to have its own set of garishly large claws, funnily enough, it looks a little like how Turtle Rock described what the Goliath used to look like.

“Building a Monster for Evolve is no small task. It has to be thoughtful. Balanced. Well-designed. All that takes time. In the latest episode of The Evolution of Evolve, the guys at Turtle Rock Studios sit down with host Adam Sessler to discuss past iterations of Goliath and Kraken, and it really gives you a sense for Turtle Rock’s design process,” Turtle Rock wrote in a blog post. “Did you know Goliath used to be called Scorpid and was basically a giant walking crab monster?”

Any chance we can call it Mr. Krabs? Sadly, no we can’t. In order to save embarrassment, Turtle Rock has whittled the name down to four choices:

  • Juggernaut
  • Titan
  • Colossus
  • Behemoth

“In the next few weeks as Ashton and the Turtle Rock crew finish the game, they will turn to working on the fourth Monster in earnest. That’s right, that fourth Monster we keep mysteriously alluding to – the one you get for free when pre-ordering Evolve – is still under development. …and, well, we want you to help select a name,” reveal Turtle Rock. “We’ve narrowed it down to a few that we feel best reflects what this Monster is all about. What should we call it?”

In order to cast your vote on what Evolve’s fourth monster should be called, Turtle Rock are tallying your votes RIGHT HERE and going with the winner by 12:01pm PST, December 1st. Turtle Rock also want to hear from you so if you fancy mocking up your own Titan, or Behemoth, or Juggernaut, don’t forget to tag your tweets or videos with #NameThatMonster!



Though upon closer inspection, it does look a little like Larry the Lobster..

evolve name that monster

(It also turns out I can’t keep a straight line..)

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