Yesterday we wrote about ‘Blood Sport’ a Kickstarter campaign for a gaming peripheral which drained the blood of the user as their character loses blood. It was a crazy idea but it had good intentions, intentions such as making blood drive gaming events a little more fun by combining love of video games with blood donations, something which the creators, Brand & Grotesque, noted there’s a shortage of in Canada. Unfortunately the idea of Blood Sport will remain just that as Kickstarter has suspended the campaign.

After just six days of being on the crowd funding website Kickstarter suspended the Blood Sport campaign, the main reason of which is because the concept as a whole seems a little dangerous, you see, the contraption relied on an Arduino Board to monitor the amount of blood taken from its user in order to slow down or stop taking blood completely, this of course is something that could easily go wrong and if the player isn’t monitored correctly could end up becoming seriously ill.

It could also get into the wrong hands, though that’s not Brand & Grotesque’s aim, in fact in no way shape or form was this ever going to get into the public’s hands.

“Our goal is to develop a refined multiplayer unit that can be taken across the country for blood donation gaming events,” the developer explained. “We are not a charity and we are not a game manufacturer. We are simply creating the gaming hardware that will allow us to get gamers thinking about more important issues while still doing what they love. From there, we’ll partner with the appropriate organisations in both the gaming and medical communities to bring it all to life.”

Of course all concerns were touched upon in the campaign’s FAQ and if you looked more into it you’d realise the creators had no intentions of letting the hardware be used outside of any official blood-drive events and each player would have a medical professional on hand to monitor the person giving blood.

“Obviously, Blood Sport has a lot of skeptics. More than anything, people fear giving blood. And when you add a competitive layer to it, even more so. But by running carefully monitored tests with medical professionals, we’ve created a unit that makes blood donation easy, fun and nearly painless,” read the FAQ.

Unfortunately Kickstarter has refused to comment on the suspension as a representative said to CNET, the company doesn’t comment on specific project suspensions, though it’s likely that the highest reward tier of $5000 CAD to which the creators would share the code for how to build your own Blood Sport machine, raised a few red flags.

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