Here’s a shot of adorableness for a Friday evening. Derby the Husky was born with deformed front legs meaning that he couldn’t quite run around as a dog should, but with the help of his owner and two 3D printed prosthetic legs he can now run around with the best of ’em.

Tara Anderson agreed to adopt a Husky named Derby to give him the life he deserved but struggled daily due to his two front legs being deformed. She built him a cart but sadly it limited his mobility and wasn’t quite the same as running around sniffing other dogs butts because of the way the cart was built. Fortunately Anderson worked in project management at 3D Systems, a 3D design and printing company in Rock Hill S.C.

So Anderson, along with a team of designers from the company along with an orthotist specialising in animals, set about creating a custom pair of prosthetic legs to help Derby move around. As a result the company created a set of 3D printed prosthetics made up of multiple materials to perfectly fit Derby’s legs, and it’s absolutely adorable.

His legs sit in rubber cups allowing comfort and some freedom of movement, with the rest of the prosthetic being made of a more rigid, ruggid material. It took a matter of hours to print the prosthetics using a ProJet 5500X, an industrial-grade 3D printer, and guess what. He can walk and run around just like any other adorable dog.

Right now the front legs are a little low, so Derby is leaning a little forward, but this is intentional as they’re designed to make the shift from moving around with non-functioning front legs to raised legs a little less dramatic for the little fellow.

You’ll be pleased to know that Derby is doing incredibly well and can now out-run his two legged owners and often goes out for mile-long runs with his family without any problems. It’s just amazing how far 3D printing has come, and though we all want a little 3D printed version of ourselves, there’s some real practical uses for 3D Printers.


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