So now we know the movie origin of Ultron and The Vision, the two A.I additions to Age of Ultron, but how do they compare with their comic originals? Let me tell you, but first check out the leaked promo art at the bottom of this post.

Done it? Good. So, in the movie Ultron is a program which was found among Chitarui Invasion from the first film. After some poking and prodding from Tony Stark, he evolves and decides he wants to wipe out humanity.

In the comics however he is created by Hank Pym (Antman) from scratch, though he stills wants to wipe out all humans.

The Vision in the films appears to be a creation of Stark and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and he has the same power as the comic original. His comic original was actually created by Ultron and then turned good – he also got married to Scarlet Witch.

So though there are some differences, the similarities keeping the characters continuity is still in tact.

Check that all out in May 2015.


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