If you’ve either been struggling with Alien Isolation due to the games difficulty, or you’ve found that even the hardest difficulty setting is a little too much of a doddle, then you’ll be pleased to hear that in a new update for the game, you’ll be able to choose both a more harder difficulty and an easier difficulty setting.

This week SEGA and Creative Assembly have released a new update for Alien Isolation for those type of people mentioned above. The two new modes are Nightmare, a difficulty mode that includes a deadlier Xenomorph and even deadlier Androids, as well as more aggressive human survivors. If that wasn’t hard enough, the Nightmare mode will also include, even fewer resources, the health bar has been omitted, and there’s no ammo count or flashlight indicator, oh and the motion tracker is damaged and offers “unreliable information.”

If that sounds like a true Nightmare, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s also a Novice difficulty which features slower, less adaptive aliens who are easier to distract and hide from, as well as Amanda Ripley being able to take a few more hits than you’re used to. This new mode aims to give players “more time and breathing space with which to explore Sevastopol.”

To checkout the full changelog and what else comes with the new difficulty modes, head on over to the Alien: Isolation website.

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