Holy child support Batman! You’ve got love child sired by the daughter of one of your enemies!

That’s back in 2006 Grant Morrison decided to make good on an old rectoned Batman story which saw Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul (The daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul) make a son together.

Bruce Wayne has travelled to London and whilst at a fancy black tie gala event which is attacked by Man-Bats, Ninja Man-Bats, (A Man-Bat is someone who’s a giant humanoid Bat)

What’s really weird about this? That the Man-Bat is usually deranged scientist Kirk Langstrom. So where do the Men-Bats come from?

Batman and SonWell after Bruce switches into his Batman costume and is beaten by the Man-Bat’s (not before a bizarre flashback to the Silver Age) he’s taken prisoner and discovers it’s Ra’s Al Ghul’s League of Assassins which have been turned into Man-Bats by his one-time lover Talia.

She presents Damian. His son. Bought up to one day replace Ra’s and has spent his first ten years in Earth being groomed to be a warrior of brutal mentality. Deciding that she’s not interested in alimony Batman is charged with the child, for now.

Back in Gotham whilst Bruce tries to figure out Ra’s  new master plan with the Man-Bat army he’s produced he finds he son can be quite a brat.

Rude to Alfred and demanding and aggressive to his father, Damian is brushed aside. When D  a list super villain goes on the prowl and is found beheaded. It’s quickly deduced who that might have been.

Damian is determined to follow in his father footsteps and beheads the villain. After being confronted by Tim Drake, the Robin at the time the fight and sucker punching Tim, Damian knocks off a platform and he suffers a serious fall.

Temporarily unable to continue as Robin, Tim is sidelined and Damian is brought in to replace him. Stealing an old Robin tunic from the Batcave.

The two confront the Man-Bat Ninjas and then Damian decides to stay with his mother after the two foil the master plan that was at hand.

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