Human Element is one game that I’ve been keeping my eye on for some time, not that there’s a lot to keep me occupied as the developers have been pretty quiet about the game, as well as revealing and then cancelling releases and partnerships with publishers. At The Game Awards 2014 we were finally given something more solid, a gameplay trailer which showed the game in action, and it looks fantastic, I really can’t wait for this.

During its initial release, developers Robotoki planned to release an episodic prequel story on the OUYA console before that idea was scrapped, they then partnered with Nexon as the publisher of the game, until both parties decided the deal wouldn’t go ahead due to the games shift from free-to-play to something more premium. With players having no idea what to think about the title, Robotoki made an appearance at Teh Game Awards 2014 this morning to give us some more solid information and a gameplay trailer.

At its core, Human Element is an open-world survival horror title which challenges players to “rebuild society 35 years after a zombie apocalypse and adapt as the world evolves based on their actions,” a pretty interesting concept which forgoes the stale zombie survival genre many games are using today, and focuses on the aftermath of it all.

In a brand new trailer for the game, we get a first look at the first person shooting gameplay as the player shoots down an enemy who only goes and turns into a zombie and attacks once more. The trailer also shows the player getting into a vehicle which he takes across a stunning desert landscape.

Robotoki has previously said that the game features “a cinematic, immersive, first-person experience, and combines innovative new streaming and segmented world massively multiplayer online game technologies to achieve a large open-world MMO experience while maintaining the high visual fidelity of a first-person shooter”.

Robotoki also revealed that the game is scheduled for a PC release in the fourth quarter of 2015, while the launch dates for consoles and mobile versions of the title are yet to be confirmed, though we’re probably looking at a 2016 release.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think!

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