So you’ve got yourself a new device for Christmas, be it a phone, tablet or iPad, and you’ve already had enough of everyone being all festive and social? here is a list of a few apps that will keep you away from all that, and absorbed in your own little, quiet world. I wont be including any of the ‘Premium Currency’ games where you have to wait 4 hours whilst someone puts up a tent, or buy X gems for £X.XX because those are annoying, and you’d still have to go and talk to people, who wants that?! So grab your charger, because you’re going to be draining some batteries.

stumble logo1. StumbleUpon.

Stumble started as an in-browser Internet discovery tool and they have now got a dedicated app available on both iOS and Android. The idea is that the tool helps you to discover websites and things that relate to your current interests, You login to the app for the first time and it presents you with a huge list of categories, you select the ones you like and then you’re off! You hit “Stumble” and it pulls up a random site from anywhere on the Internet that relates to those interests.

You can like or dislike the results and the app then learns what you like and don’t like, so as to not pull up something you don’t again. Trust me: This will keep you pre-occupied for hours!

Price: Free
Android / iOS

ridfish-icon2. Ridiculous Fishing

Yes, it is ridiculous, ridiculously FUN! This is just a casual game, you play a little lonely guy sat on a boat, you drop your line into the ocean, as you guide it deeper you have to avoid the fish on the way down. But once you get to the end of your line, it starts to come back up and you have to try and snag all of the fish (except the snails and the jellyfish) until they reach the surface, where they are fired into the air and you have to shoot them down with a massive variety of guns! The more fish you shoot, the more money you earn.

As you progress you get more attachments for your line so you can go deeper, and bigger guns to shoot more fish! This games geometric style make it really great to look at, at the sound track is excellent.

Price: £1.99
Android / iOS

unnamed3. Daddy Long Legs

The aim of this game is simple, walk as far as you can. The actual performing of this action? Incredibly hard!

You play a simple and stylised character in the form of Daddy Longlegs, and you have to get him to walk by tapping the screen for each step, but its not as simple as it seems! The physics in this game are fantastic, and if you don’t tap at the exact right time, you will end up going over backwards, or doing the splits. needless to say, its highly addictive.

Price: Free
Android / iOS

cut_the_rope_icon_by_wolvonic-d35d0ej4. Cut the Rope 1 & 2

This one is great for everyone, it’s easy enough for kids but the later stages can provide quite a challenge for adults too. Your aim is to feed candy to a very cute little creature called Om Nom. The game has an excellent physics engine which helps you to drop, roll, bounce and obviously cut your way towards those 3 precious stars in each level.

It looks great, and is excellent fun, and before long you will be wanting your own Om Nom. (Which you can, as there’s even a toy-line out of this franchise!)

Price: Free (Android) £1.99 (iOS)
Android / iOS

unnamed (1)5. Whale Trail Frenzy

For the final game on the list, Whale trail has to be the most mesmerising. You play a whale called Willow, who is flying through the clouds collecting bubbles to get away from a giant evil squid! You have to fly as far as you can and collect as many bubbles as possible to charge your Frenzy (when you’ll become invincible) the more achievements you get the more money you earn and the more cool stuff you can buy!

Also, the song is incredible, and I guarantee it will get stuck in your head… “Here on the whaaaale traaaiiill!!”

Price: Free
Android / iOS

So there it is, a list of things to keep you away from all those pesky family members at Christmas, have fun!

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