It’s time for the Christmas Gift Guides!
This will be my first one, so I’ve chosen to do a guide on something that is close to my own heart, a guide to Buying for the Modern Explorer!

When I say modern explorer, I’m not talking about ice climbing gear for the Eiger, or radiation suits for popping over to Chernobyl. This is a guide for people that like to go wandering, urban or rural, but like to be prepared, have a good time, and get away from normality for abit. I am a very minimalist person, I am a fan of minimal designs that are still practical and function, so I’ve designed the list around this.

First on the list is something I own, and I’m so glad that I bought when I did,

GoPro Hero Action Camera

For those that don’t know, the GoPro is a tiny, very durable, waterproof, shockproof, easy to use camera capable of super high definition footage.
Now if you read some places they will say “Buy the Hero 4 Black Edition! Shoot in 4k!!” But there’s a slight issue here. I have a laptop, fairly capable for gaming etc, so not exactly underpowered, but it cannot handle editing the 1080p output from my hero 3, let alone the 2.7k its capable of!
So if you already have a PC that will happily edit raw 4k videos, then get the Hero 4 and you will not be disappointed, but if you don’t, save yourself some money, and get a Hero 3 Silver or Black edition and get documenting those adventures!

GoPros are available from a lot of places, I got mine from eBay, brand new for an absolute bargain! But check the main GoPro site for all the Specs and pricing.



Power bank

Another thing that any good wander needs is a way to charge whatever gadgets they have on them. Now this isn’t a classic exploring gadget, but nowadays when everyone has smartphones and gadgets, these things will need to be charged, especially if you are telling everyone about how amazing your adventure is!!

The idea is that you charge up the bank from the mains before you leave, then the bank stores your charge to use at any time. Depending on what you what/how much you’re happy to spend, the banks can hold a little bit of backup charge, or up to a number of full charges. For example, the one I have holds 6 full smartphone charges, and can charge 2 at the same time.

Grab one of these here.


The Drifter

This gift isn’t necessarily a ‘Techy’ gift, but if you’re looking for something to give somebody that they will love, and use and has had a lot of effort and skill put into making it, then read on!
Every explored needs somewhere to write notes, draw sketches, write to do lists for when they get home, so why not do it in style?

I discovered this gentleman on Instagram (which on a side note has an unbelievable community of unique makers with some excellent products) he is a great guy who I have had a lot of interaction with and I also own a wallet made by his own hand.

The Drifter Is a completely Handmade leather cover for the popular ‘Field Notes’ range of notebooks. The piece is made from heavy quality Hermann Oak leather, will hold 4 cards along with the note book, it’s all hand burnished and waxed, also treated by hand for conditioning, preserving and water resistance. Each case is unique and has a built in pen holder that will facilitate the use of a multitude of pens. Drew Yeo makes these all by hand in the USA and will customise them down to the very finest detail for you to make it that extra bit special. The guy is unbelievably talented, uses traditional methods and everything comes out at absolutely Top Shelf Quality. All pieces are made to order, so It might not arrive for the day itself, but you can always tell them it’s on it’s way!

Being handmade these things are beautiful, if you’re looking for something extra special and personal this Christmas, check out Drews Drifters.
Get on Instagram and check out @drewscustomleather.

Grab your own right here.




Backpacking Stove

I don’t know if it’s just a stereotypical British thing, but when you’ve walked to the top of that mountain, or waded wait deep through that river, or walked to Tesco Express and back, you’ve just got the have a cuppa haven’t you?
So here’s number 4 on the list, I haven’t chosen a specific item because it entirely depends on the person you’re buying for, what they are doing, how big their bag is etc. but I’ve included a link to a site that stocks a whole load of them.
I know that after anything strenuous, the first thing I want is a brew, and if you can make that brew out in the wilderness then you will feel like the ultimate, but civilised, Rambo.

You can check more of these out, here.



Now this one is just abit of fun. What does every urban explorer need more than anything? Obviously the worlds smallest collapsible electric bike!

The ‘Impossible’ is a Kickstarer campaign that has exceeded its pledge requirement by a huge amount and is now going to go into production. The bike itself is fully electric, charged from the mains and folds down to only 17inches high!!

It folds and unfolds with ease and will fit easily into any standard rucksack. Looking for something for the travelling tech head?

You can check this out here.


So there is a list of gift ideas for the Modern Explorer. I hope that it’s helped with some ideas for someone you love, and Merry Christmas.

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