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In an effort to stop robot spam CAPTCHA’s were set up which contained cryptic and often illegible to even the most human human, everybody hates them and 90% of the time we have to enter the same thing in twice in order to complete a registration form or make a purchase. That’s why despite owning reCAPTCHA, Google are hoping to make them obsolete with their recently unveiled No-CAPTCHA, a simple form of CAPTCHA which requires you to simply click a check box which asks whether you’re a robot or not.

Google’s No-CAPTCHA, is a brand new one-click CAPTCHA which hopes to get rid of those cryptic messages. It’s built on an entirely new API and has already been adopted by Snapchat, WordPress, and Humble Bundle. Instead of asking users to enter a series of words or letters which have been skewed and twisted, Google’s new system checks out the user’s behaviour before anything to assess whether they’re human or not. If you are a human, you simply click the little box which reads “I am not a robot!” and you’ve passed the test.

Google Scraps reCAPTCHA in Favour of its own No-CAPTCHA - n3rdabl3

If for some reason you do seem a little like a robot however, you’ll still be required to enter one of those silly CAPTCHA Codes or if Google likes you, you’ll be asked to simply match a picture with another to prove you’re a real human being.

This pre-screening method will look at factors like IP Addresses and time spend on the page, but of course were a little cagey to reveal exact details, y’know just in case someone develops a bot to tackle this new system. Google have revealed that on sites like Humble Bundle, over 80 per cent of users passed without a hitch, but for a much larger site like WordPress, this number dropped to 60 per cent. The success rate of the new CAPTCHA depends on the visitors and the way the code is displayed on the site.

For those who would rather have an almost bot-proof CAPTCHA, Google have revealed that the old API will remain active, but the overall effect of the new system will be a lot less deciphering text for the average web user, and hopefully will reduce the amount of spam.

Google Scraps reCAPTCHA in Favour of its own No-CAPTCHA - n3rdabl3
I call this the CATPCHA

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Tim Tam Slam
Tim Tam Slam

So much better than the old captchas!