I’ll forever be saddened to know that I’ll never be able to experience the sweet-sweet taste of Thin Mints or Savannah Smiles unless I take my lazy ass all the way to the United States at around this time of year. It’s a depressing thought that I don’t like to dwell on, so to save this becoming into a self-post lets get onto the good stuff. The rigmarole behind buying Girl Scout cookies is about to get a hell of a lot easier as for the first time ever the Girl Scouts of the USA will be taking online orders for their Girl Scout Cookies.

For a long, long time, those who love the annual release of Girl Scout Cookies will no longer have to questionably wait by their door drooling at the thought of Thin Mints as the Scouts are now giving girls the option to set up a website where friends and family can order boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from anywhere in the US. You’ll still be able to purchase and place-orders the old fashioned way, but it’s nice to see that the Girl Scouts are finally embracing the twenty-first century.

Now, allowing Girl Scouts, who are mostly under the age of 18, to set up a website has lead to some concerns, but privacy is a huge focus of the online ordering process. Parents must allow and grand permission before Scouts can set up and ordering page and online ordering is only accessible through email invitations, so if you ware hoping to order 20 boxes of cookies from the comfort of your sofa, you’ll still have to put some effort to do so. Girls will also need to rack up orders the traditional way too, but optional syncing with Facebook should hopefully make that a little easier. Oh and visitors will only ever see the Scout’s first name when ordering online.

Cookie season starts in January for those who don’t know, and those willing to order online will be able to find out all of the details as to how long is left in the ordering period, the troop’s goals, and where the troop’s cookie cash will be directed. It’s been reported that most of the 112 Girl Scout councils across the US will be taking web-orders right away.

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