Crowdfunding sites today are the go-to place for raising money for your new album, video game, art project, or even potato salad. But each project is usually required to pay a fee to the crowdfunding site for running the project, but that’s no good for charities who’d rather the money raised went to the cause it was raised for, that’s why Indiegogo is taking a step forward to becoming the go-to site for charitable campaigns. Introducing: Indiegogo Life.

Indiegogo Life is a new fundraising platform from Indiegogo that allows campaigns that are mean to help you or others to be run for free, with fees only removed for processing credit cards. This move puts Indiegogo a step ahead of other platforms who no matter what, still charge a fee for campaigns. Indiegogo has also revealed that this new platform has been made possible and can operate in such a way due to the success of its traditional crowdfunding platform.

“We’ve seen the profound impact personal fundraisers can have on individuals’ lives, and Indiegogo Life makes it easier than ever for people to fund what matters most. Whether it’s a wedding, medical emergency, pet needing veterinary care, or even college tuition, Indiegogo Life is here to help,” announced Indiegogo on their blog. “Our new service offers tailored features like one-on-one support, and simplified set-up and sharing tools—to make fundraising effortless and easy. There are also no platform fees, so running a fundraiser is free. We feel it’s important for individuals to have all the funds they need, whenever they need, and it’s our mission to make this happen in the best way possible.”

The new fee-free crowdfunding feature can be used for a number of different cases including emergencies, medical fees, and celebrations. Right now since the initial announcement many of the campaigns seem to have good intentions but there are a handful taking advantage of this. Thankfully Indiegogo have a team vetting Indiegogo Life campaigns to weed out campaigns taking advantage of the new initiative as well as hopefully easing campaigns that are asking for cash with nothing in return.

Right now it’s early days and so far things seem to be going well, but it’ll be interesting to see if this truly takes off, whether the feature will be used for good or whether it takes a turn for the worse.

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