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You’d guess it makes sense really, now that Disney own both Marvel and Star Wars, that it the two may appear in the next installment of the Kingdom Hearts games. The series already features a big collaboration between Disney and Square Enix properties such as the Disney Princesses and characters from the Final Fantasy universes, so you’d suppose this is the natural next step?

Kingdom Hearts III co-director and game designer, Tai Yasue, told Kotaku in an interview with them about how the game has been progressing and now nothing was ‘off limits’ in terms of where they could pull inspiration from. The last Kingdom Hearts game, on console, was Kingdom Hearts II which came out back in 2005. Since then we’ve seen more games like Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance on handhelds, but Kingdom Hearts III has been eagerly anticipated by fans for some time, especially after the E3 reveal of the game back in 2013.

When asked about Star Wars and Marvel, Tasue replied;

“Nothing’s off-limits, we’re considering all of the worlds. There are so many wonderful concepts. We’re happy about that, but at the same time it’s really tough to choose.”

That’s not a definite yes by any stretch, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t necessarily not see anything either. Kingdom Hearts is already rich with so much lore and stories to explore, and no doubt we’ll be returning to some familiar places too on top of a number of new worlds.

What would you think of having Marvel or Star Wars potentially show up in a Kingdom Hearts game? Or both? We’ve already had Tron, so it’s not like live action doesn’t work in there. Marvel could work especially well with the Kingdom Hearts universe in my opinion, there are plenty of characters that could work that we haven’t necessarily seen before alongside familiar faces. Imagine a team up of Sora alongside the likes of Wolverine, Spider Man or Iron Man? Sounds pretty damn sweet an idea if you ask me.

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