Three out of four have been cast for Marvel’s Netflix Avengers style project. This time we now have our Luke Cage.

Mike Cotler, whose has a resume including the Good Wife and The Following, his big claim to geekdom is playing Will Smith’s dad in Men Black 3.

Cotler will play Luke Cage, the hero for hire. After being the subject of experiments, Luke Cage gained super strength and unbreakable skin. Teaming up with Iron Fist (also getting his own Netflix series) they formed Heroes for Hire. A company that loaned out heroes.

Cage has a child with Jessica Jones who will also get her own Netflix series as well.

Luke has also been an Avenger and was on Captain America’s side during the Civil War.

A conflict which saw heroes split into two sides. One was for superheroes registering with the government and the other side opposed. Cage was against government registration.

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